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Are you ready to discover your Thrive Factor?
including the very best of its predecessor, the 2013 Amazon Best Seller, Personal Leadership Style - but incorporating author Shannon Bush's (that's me!) insights and learning from over 350 profiling experiences with women in business, The Thrive Factor is a book like no other

> 12 unique Archetypes <
> 48+ stories of real women sharing real experiences <
> mindset, marketing, money and magnetism insights for every Archetype <

The Thrive Factor book is a game changer for all women in business seeking to maximise your potential and totally thrive in 2019 and beyond

When you know your Thrive Factor you have a powerful way to unlock your Effortless Success Zone; to know how to live with greater ease and effortlessness because you understand your innate strengths, potential challenges and how to use these to your advantage every day!
Thriving is the ultimate goal; it is living your best life and leading a business that expresses the best of you
Ever questioned how to be your best self? 

Experience challenges that leave you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed? 

In business do you feel there is something more you could do to make things easier, but you are not sure what? 

Do you feel like most days it is more about surviving than thriving? 

In this follow up to the 2013 Amazon best seller ‘Personal Leadership Style’, award winning business consultant and coach, I am back to share powerful new understandings of my 12 personal leadership archetypes, known now as Thrive Factor archetypes. 

After personally profiling over 350 women in business I have amassed mindset, marketing and money insights that will support you to embrace your innate strengths and comprehend potential challenges you may experience.

In addition I share observations on what makes each archetype magnetic, providing you with a fascinating way to lean into your best self and create a totally thriving life and business being 100% you. 

Often described as ‘permission giving’, what you will learn in The Thrive Factor could be the missing link to unlock your Effortless Success Zone, a place of flow, ease and inspiration every business woman deserves. 

Written for all women, The Thrive Factor Book introduces you to the 12 Archetypes of the Thrive Factor Framework. No matter your unique profile, you are many different attributes; strengths and potential challenges and more. 

Are you ready to totally thrive?

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Thrive Factor Book Shannon Bush | Archetypes for Women in Business Thrive Factor Book Shannon Bush | Archetypes for Women in Business
Thrive Factor Book Shannon Bush | Archetypes for Women in Business Thrive Factor Book Shannon Bush | Archetypes for Women in Business
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